Open Houses

We went to two open houses yesterday. This was the first time either one of us ever went to an open house. We pulled up to the house and sat in the car for a minute, not quite sure what to do. Rob said, “Do we just go up and knock?” Seems simple enough, right? But we were truly not sure at first! Ahhh – to be a newbie. So we go into the first place and were pretty much hounded by the real estate agent. The realtor and the two homeowners were all there. One of them stayed with all visitors that came in. I was hoping to be alone a little more to snap some pics with my camera phone! It turns out I didn’t need to, though, because I found a site that had all the pictures I’d have taken. The first house was older and the current owners have been there for 40 years. I don’t think they’ve updated much except to add more artwork to the walls each year.

Pros and cons of the older house: I like it because it has more rooms and the master bedroom has a bathroom in it and it has a garage. I also like that the kids would stay in the same school district and the area it is in is pretty nice. All the houses look to be in pretty good shape and it is a nice neighborhood. I don’t like it because it needs a lot of cosmetic updates, the rooms are on the small side and the backyard is not that big in case we wanted to add a pool or just for general backyard type stuff.

The second house was newer (10 years old) and it was just the realtor dude there. He pretty much left us alone, so we went around snapping camera phone pics!

Pros and cons of the newer house: I like it because it is just – NEW. Everything on the inside is in tip-top shape. We could move in and not have to do anything except put our furniture and decorations in. It also has a huge pool in the backyard and a nice deck out back. The rooms are pretty decent sized and the downstairs basement is fully finished with a huge laundry room. I don’t like it because it doesn’t have a garage, the kids would have to change school districts and the neighborhood is just so-so, although the location is perfect work-wise.

Man – this is HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although, as some of my very wise friends have mentioned – I have plenty of time with this. Our house might not (probably won’t) be either of these two and that’s okay. I’ve got to get some patience – fast! hee!

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  1. Colleen says:

    When you find the right house – the pro list will be much longer than the con list :-)