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Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

A friend stopped by my work yesterday to drop off a Christmas/birthday present for me. It was perfect. She got me some lotions from Bath & Body Works – Shimmer Body Lotion in Cherry Blossom: awesome & Hand Repair Healing Hand Cream in Sweet Pea: smells & feels so good. She also gave me Origins Fretnot Tangerine Body Souffle. Wow! Love it. So in addition to feeling and smelling all girly, I’m also feeling very loved. She gave me a cute little Hallmark book that tells me how much God loves me. Awww. And last, but not least – she gave me this ceramic plaque. Nice, huh?


Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

Dudes. I have freakin’ bronchitis! And an ear infection! What the hell? It totally snuck up on me, too. One minute? I was fine. The next? Not!

I went to bed the night before last with a slight Bea Arthur thing going on with my voice. I figured my allergies were acting up and I was tired, no big deal. During the night, I kept waking up because my throat was killing me and my chest felt tight. So I called the doctor when I woke up – I’m going away this weekend and I do not want to be sick, so I figured I could get an antibiotic before I got any kind of real sickness going on. I went to work like normal, I was feeling fine except for my throat being sore, having a cough and my chest feeling congested and tight (I swear, it sounds worse than I felt!).

My doctor’s appointment was at 9:30 and I was totally thinking I’d have to convince her to give me some meds, but she listened to me talk and said, “Oh, you don’t sound good at all.” Then she listened to my chest and said, “Oh, I hear the congestion in there. It’s not in your lungs yet, but in your bronchi.” Funny thing is, I was all proud of my fluid in the bronchi. YES! I am really sick! Check my body out. Next she looked in my ears and I was totally surprised when she said one of my ears was infected. And my throat was also red and raw. It turned out that I had to convince her that I was okay to go back to work, not to give me meds! She wanted me on some OTC stuff in addition to the antibiotic and she wanted me home and in bed. But, I felt fine! So I took some Dayquil, picked up my prescription and went back to work.

I felt pretty good up until right before I went to bed. Now it’s 3 4 AM and I’m up from the pain in my throat and ears and chest. Wahhhhhh. Hoping the pain meds kick in soon. Now I have to decide if I stay home or go into work in the morning. I always hate calling out because my boss is one of those people who NEVER calls out sick and I think he looks down on those who do. That really shouldn’t be my issue, huh?

Hey – thanks for all the birthday wishes on Monday!! You guys rock.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Monday, February 13th, 2006

That’s right – it’s my birthday today. Weee! It really doesn’t feel any different than any other day, though. It feels a little weird because of the snow – the kids are off and not a lot of people are in the office, or they’re trickling in late. I’ll be working 1/2 day this morning and Rob will come in this afternoon. It’s nice that we can split the day like that.

So, I’m 36. Hard to believe. Time goes by so fast the older I get. I think my favorite birthday so far was my 30th – my twin brother threw a party for us and Rob surprised me with my best friend from high school showing up! That was great. But you know what – it’s been nice the past couple of years having low-key birthdays. I used to be SO anxious for my birthday to come and I put so much importance on the date and had such high expectations every year. The past few years, I’ve just kind of gone with the flow and been grateful for all the people and things in my life and that’s been so much more peaceful and rewarding.

This is the 4th year that I’ll be celebrating without a cake. It actually feels normal to do it this way now. I don’t even think about not having a cake like I did the first couple of years. Well, obviously I think about it – since I’m writing about it. Heh. But, it’s not like that “woe is me” kind of thinking. There’s a lot of acceptance today. I guess 36 feels good. And you know what else? It looks good on me, too – in many ways!

Snow Day!

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

Weeeeee! We’re going to get some major snow tonight and tomorrow. I’m psyched! We’ll get to use our snowblower for the first time. I spent a good chunk of change on that thing back in December when Rob was away for business and we got about 6 inches. Then, I couldn’t get it started, so I ended up paying three neighborhood boys to shovel. Just a little frustrating! But this time, Rob is home and I’m sure he and Aric will be out there having a blast clearing off our sidewalks and driveway. He feels all Tim The Toolman-like with this thing because I wasn’t sure which one to get so I figured I would get a good-sized one that cost more just to be sure we didn’t end up with some rinky-dink thing. Well, it turns out I got some major piece of machinery. Every guy who sees it says, “Whoa! That thing is a monster.” Oh well – at least we know it’ll work. As long as I’m not operating it.

So today is my mom’s birthday. And my and my brother’s birthday is on Monday – so we’re supposed to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate. Rob seems to think that this should be no problem, driving in blizzard conditions. I’m not so sure that’s the best idea. He just came in here and said, “If we leave now to go over there, before the snow starts, then we can stay over and come back tomorrow to clear the snow up.” Um. Maybe. I don’t know why, but I’m not too keen on that idea. We’ll see.

I’m off to hit a trunk sale at a local gallery to get some pieces for my new Pandora bracelet that Rob got me for my birthday! (Yes, I opened it early. I’m a brat!) I’ll post pictures later.

Oh! I just read that Erika’s in labor! Little Sammy will be making his appearance very soon. Think good thoughts for Erika and Jay and their new one – once he’s born, he’s going to have to have heart surgery, so that is terrifyingly scary.

I ♥ Hello Kitty

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Today has to be a good day. I’m wearing my Hello Kitty heart socks! See?

Hello Kitty!

Do you know what my kids said when they saw these?

“Mom! You are not a little girl. What are you wearing those for? [major sigh]” I said, “I’m allowed to be cute and also relive my childhood.” Aric said, “Hello Kitty wasn’t out when you were little!” GASP!!! How old do these children think I am, anyway? Heh. They were shocked when I told them I was in Jr. High when Hello Kitty first came on the scene.

Behold the cuteness.