TAR – Season Nine!

I just finished watching the season premeire of The Amazing Race. I was pretty tired watching it, so it didn’t have the magic that I know it will for me. This is one of the best shows on television and I’m excited for a new season! For tonight, I’ll just say I was happy with who got eliminated. The bigger guy got on my nerves – majorly!!!

Here’s my initial impressions of the teams:

Lake & Michelle – Lake reminds me of my BIL, Tommy… although I like Tommy better. I hate that Southern tough guy shtick. Although his motorcycle building skills were impressive. And holy nipples on Michelle at the end.

Danielle & Dani (Double D. Love it!) – I like them. Of course it’s only been one episode. Time will tell!

BJ & Tyler (hippies) – Liked them, too. But not sure what was up with the matching pants? Dorky.

Ray & Yolanda – I like them, too! She’s got a killer body. Did you see her legs in the beginning with the shorts on? Major muscles!!

John & Scott – Buh bye.

David & Lori (nerds) – They don’t bother me too much… but the way she swings her arms when she runs/walks fast? And his laugh? These guys are like the Nerd Spokesmodels. It is cool how in love with each other they are, though.

Eric & Jeremy – They seem like average guys that you’d meet anywhere. Except one of them has double nipple piercings. Oooookay then.

Fran & Barry (older couple) – I hate the teams that talk about how great they are … and then proceed to make asses out of themselves. How did they NOT see the flag stand thing on the bridge??? Weird. And she looks like Droopy Dog.

Lisa & Joni – You’d think all that screaming would drive me crazy, but I found myself laughing while watching them. Something infectious about them. The Amazon thing is getting old, though. They don’t look that much bigger than the others.

Joseph & Monica (MoJo) – Gotta love the convenience of the names to give them a cool team nickname. I don’t have much of an opinion about them yet, but I bet we see them fighting soon.

Wanda & Desiree – I like them, but I want them to get out of Spanish speaking countries and see how they do. Wanda is too much about being Miss Latino… you’re Hispanic, we get it.

Prediction for next elimination: Fran & Barry

One Response to “TAR – Season Nine!”

  1. geeky says:

    i’m excited about this season! i actually like most of the teams this time, except the amazon women and the guys that got eliminated last night.