TV Junkie

Yes! Finally, Kellie Pickler is finally gone. Take that – Vote For The Worst! Now that she’s gone, I will feel sad once any of them leave now.

Just like I cried last night when Fran & Barry left on TAR. I’m such a sap any more. And apparently, a big ole TV junkie! Heh. Which is fine with me since I went for so long without watching any TV at all. I like having my 5 or 6 shows that I DVR and really get into. I’m going to list them now, watch there be way more than 5 or 6! Ha!

  • Sundays I watch Desperate Housewives, Sopranos and Big Love. (Ut oh, not a good sign that there are 3 shows on the first day!)
  • Mondays I watch Deal or No Deal and New Adventures of Old Christine. (Anyone watching this? I love it!! The brother totally steals the show.)
  • Tuesdays I watch American Idol.
  • Wednesdays I watch The Amazing Race, Deal or No Deal and American Idol.
  • Thursdays I watch Survivor and The Office.
  • Fridays I watch Deal or No Deal.
  • Saturdays I finally don’t have a show to watch!

Okay, so that’s 9 different shows, but some are on more than once and I’m becoming a big ole TV addict! Sweet!

We also like to watch movies on the weekends… and when the fall comes, it’s football, football, football! I sometimes try to imagine what it was like for people who lived before the days of TV and radio … and on some level I almost long for that sort of quiet, laidback lifestyle. I don’t necessarily think that all the progress we’ve made as a human race has been progression in the right direction. But, none of it is anything I can change, so I live in the world that I live in today and go about my tasks the way the majority of people do… but I do think about a different way. Maybe I need to go on a vacation to a Quaker farm or something. :-)

3 Responses to “TV Junkie”

  1. geeky says:


    i completely forgot about Amazing Race last night, but i tuned in just in time to see Fran and Barry go home. as long as the hippies are still in it, i’m happy!

  2. Lauren says:

    You need a show for Saturday night! I highly recommend, Little People, Big World. It’s very heartwarming…and addictive!

  3. Colleen says:

    I watch a lot of those showers, but I don’t ever watch them on the nights that they are on! Love that DVR!