Random Stuff

I suck at blogging regularly, huh? Here’s some randomness:

I’ve been busy coding my little heart out using ASP and PHP (two different sites) and I have figured out stuff that people in coding forums were too snobby to help with – love that! I want to go back and say, “I figured it out. Here’s the answer. DICKHOLES!” But, I won’t. :-)

Twenty years ago today I was still a virgin. Tomorrow, I will not be able to make that same claim. Funny how some dates stick with us.

Today I performed my first ever solo interview. I think i did okay, but I really got to see how heavily I’ve been leaning on my boss to take the lead in our joint interviews. Plus, I was totally nervous. What the heck? I already HAVE a job, why am I nervous? Such a dork.

I took my acrylic nails off last week and I miss them so much. Plus my fingernails hurt now – they’re so fragile and paper-thin. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this for long. I wanted to save money and I figured my nails would get messed up during packing and moving… but I am missing the functionality of the acrylic nails! Little things like unhooking my watch clasps? I can’t do without a tool because my nails are too thin and weak to lift up the clasp! These wafers will be of no use during moving time, I’m thinking.

The $2200 was finally credited to our account today for those fraudulent charges I posted about last week. That is a lot of money to go through in a matter of days. All of the charges were from Mexico and there were a few gas charges for close to $100. What were they driving, an 18-wheeler??

We’re throwing away an old king-sized mattress that we were storing in our garage for who knows what. Rob cleaned out the garage two weeks ago and put it out to the curb. No one took it, of course, so I had to go up to the township to pay them to come take it. They are finally coming tomorrow – so we can stop looking like the white trash house on the block, thankfully! This mattress has seen some miles – we bought it when Rob was stationed in Turkey in 1996!

I’m hearing the sound of skateboards riding down the road outside my window as I type… it’s Aric and his friends having a good time. I love to watch him on his board… but I will be so glad when we move to the new house where our street is a no thoroughfare cul-de-sac.

I’m looking forward to American Idol tonight where they sing 2 songs! I’m all about the singing. I hope Taylor kicks ass. I wonder what song they’ll all sing? They have to choose 1 song from the year they were born. I don’t even know when they were born… probably in the late 70′s to 80′s… don’t I feel old? Mac had a fun little survey on her blog yesterday about this. I would pick Cecelia by Simon & Garfunkel as the song from my birth year (1970). It’s almost time to start watching – I always wait about 15 minutes after it starts, then watch the recording so I don’t have to deal with commercials. Gotta love DVR technology!

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  1. Laura says:

    Did I sleep on that mattress? LOL!