Any of you watching Deadwood? I am so sad this will be the final season; that show is damn good. History tells us there was a big fire in Deadwood and it seems the show is gearing up towards the big fire incident. Tonight’s episode had so much visual foreshadowing, it was beautiful! Lots of candles burning, torches glowing, shots of wood, etc. – loved how they did that! This show also helps me develop in interest in history – I used to absolute abhore anything historic-related, but as I get older I get more interested. I find myself on the Internet each Sunday night or Monday morning looking up things that happened in history because of Deadwood. For instance, tonight I’m looking up the history of Wyatt Earp since he showed up at camp in the episode. Neat stuff. This show does not help matters at all, though, with my yearning to get back to South Dakota! Man. Miss it there.

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  1. Bev says:

    My hubby and son, LOVE that show. I bought hubby Season 1 for Christmas!