He lives!

Old habits die hard. I still use Blogrolling to read my favorite blogs through out the day. It’s just very convenient and easy to do it that way and I like knowing who has updated and who hasn’t. If anyone has a better way that is similar to Blogrolling, I’d love to hear about it. Anyway, with my Blogrolling account, I am not always so good about updating my links in there. Consequently, I have links to blogs that have long been closed or deleted or where the blogger just sort of drifted away without so much as a goodbye. But for some reason, I still click on most of these links. Like I said, old habits die hard. Today I’m glad about that because otherwise I would have missed Uncle Bob’s return. Uncle Bob is one of the funniest blogs in blog history. I don’t know if he’ll be back on a regular basis or not, but I sure did get excited to see a new post from him this morning!

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