Today was a big day for assholes all around. We got our security deposit back from the rental house. I don’t even want to go into all of that here. Suffice it to say, it was pitiful and it was accompanied by a nasty letter that made me feel like a piece of PWT. Enough about that.

Then the drivers on the road. Some lady cut me off so bad, that I actually pulled up next to her at the next light to yell at her, “You cut me off, BITCH!” The kicker? I was on the phone with my sponsor! I never do that kind of stuff any more, let alone when I’m talking to my sponsor. LOL

Later I found out that Rob almost got rear-ended by some guy doing about 90 in a 35. He had to swerve over two lanes and into a parking lot to avoid getting hit by this guy. Nice!

Then my boss did something stupid – just a lack of communication that I had to pay the price for. Nothing major, just an annoyance, but it just added to the day. YK?

I’m glad the day’s almost over!

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