Die, critters, die!!

Well the exterminator came out today. He sprayed all inside the house and then did a “power spray” outside as well as putting down some powder. Very exciting stuff. We got to watch these big-ass ants with wings come out of the woodwork, literally. Ick. I was hoping to see the queen come out, but we haven’t seen anything that big. Do you think she’ll come out or will die inside the nest – somewhere underneath my house? ::shudders::

So now I’m looking forward to not having ANY bugs in or around my house. I see straggling ants walking around today (I know, gross, right?) and I just giggle – thinking to myself, “Your time has come! Say hello to my little friend! Hahahaha.” Um, yeah – doesn’t take much to amuse me obviously.

This weekend we’ll be doing some major vacuuming of all corners and crevices to get all the bug corpses out of here for good. And then I can maybe walk around my house without shoes on again. What a novel concept.

::Update:: My friend with the extermination company says that I could have been seeing MULTIPLE queens from satellite nests!!!! ACK!!

One Response to “Die, critters, die!!”

  1. Kath says:

    I know exactly how you feel! Did you get the monthly service for them to come spray outside?