Good books

I’m going to start a new category here for books and reading. I am such a bibliophile, I always have at least one book going and I’d love to talk about the ones I read and hear of any good books you’re reading. My tastes run the gamut, but my favorite genre is probably mystery. Lately I’ve been really into memoirs, too. But, I like just about anything – including some sci-fi.

The last book I read was called Eliot’s Banana. I picked it up on sale at Barnes & Noble because the cover looked interesting and once I read the back cover, I knew I’d like it. It’s about a girl who had a childhood tragedy that didn’t realize how much it affected her adult life. We get to see the affects of the tragedy on her as she goes back in time to relive good and bad childhood memories until she realizes she must confront the source of her conflict in order to move on with her life. A very believable, funny and interesting read. I fell in love with the main character right away and was swept away with the story from beginning to end. I’d definitely recommend it!

Edited to add the link to the book. Duh!

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