Melt Me

I’m sitting here surfing the Web, just chilling out after having eaten dinner. Rob is behind me creating music. Man, I love to hear him sing. It just melts my insides. He is so incredibly talented. He is also very good on the guitar & bass and dabbles with drums and keyboards. Have you been to his site to hear his music yet?

Right now he and a few of his old band members are writing songs and collaborating on an album, which is very exciting. One of his friends wrote a handful of songs and sent them to Rob and some of them are very good! Those are the songs Rob is working on right now… I’m excited for them to be done so the rest of the world can hear them. Also, the guys from the band will come here to lay down some tracks in our new studio and I can’t wait for that to happen! I want to be a band wife!

One Response to “Melt Me”

  1. Sindy says:

    How cool! I listened to some of his stuff and like what I hear!