Songs – 1993 Edition

Music is such an integral part of my life and I feel that certain songs define time periods in my life. Rob and I were recently talking about our first summer in South Dakota and the music we listened to then. Wow, that was such a good time. We were newlyweds living in this absolutely gorgeous part of the country who were just basically loving life and all that it promised ahead of us. I miss those days. That picture is Rob sitting atop Harney Peak, the highest point in South Dakota. We climbed it! So much fun.

Here are some of the songs that define that time for me (us?).

Tears for Fears – Break it Down Again
Sting – She’s Too Good For Me
Sting – Heavy Cloud No Rain
Duran Duran – Come Undone
Duran Duran – Too Much Information
Radiohead – Creep
Blind Melon – No Rain
Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song
Stone Temple Pilots – Plush
U2 – Stay (So Far Away So Close)

Enjoy – they’ll stay up until the next time.

4 Responses to “Songs – 1993 Edition”

  1. Colleen says:

    The Tears For Fears and U2 Stay links aren’t working for me. I love Creep. I remember buying the single on TAPE and playing that on my Walkman. Actually, I bought it at the Franklin Mills Mall – we were on vacation up there before I went back to high school!

  2. [...] Amy posted some songs today that reminded her of 1993.  What’s funny to me is how the people you have something in common with now (kids, music interests, lifestyles) are the people you had nothing in common with years ago.  In 1993, she was a newly married woman who had just moved from her stomping grounds in Philly to South Dakota.  For me, 1993 was the year I turned 17 and graduated from high school.  One of the songs she posted (Radiohead – Creep) was a favorite of mine, and I had to email Amy to tell her I bought the cassette single (remember those?) in the mall in Philly by her old house that summer.  With me so far? [...]

  3. Donna says:

    Thanks for the tunage…… I love that Blind Melon song

  4. LaDonna says:

    Tears for Fears is one of my favorite bands ever!