The End of the Ants

The exterminating company camed out this morning and the guy verified that we do have wood damage due to ants. In more places than I thought, too. This pisses me off since we paid for the inspection and were told there was no visible damage, but I guess since it’s been 5 months since the inspection, we don’t have much recourse. Anyway, he gave me a couple of options for treatment, with discounted prices. I then called my friend whose family is in the extermination business and told her what this guy said. They both seemed to recommend the same course of action – getting on a year-round treatment plan, removing the stakes around the perimeter of the house and possibly using some granules from Home Depot if we weren’t ready to pay for exterminating fees. My friend got me a discount with her family’s company and their company also guarantees against more pests than the other company, so we are going with them. They will be out tomorrow. Yay!! The other pests they protect against are spiders, bees, wasps, fleas, ticks, mice and other small rodents. Carpenter ants aren’t an extra service like they were with the other company, either – so I feel like we made a good decision and I am looking forward to not waking up to ant corpses all over my house soon!!

2 Responses to “The End of the Ants”

  1. Whitney says:

    That sucks! Ants were a HUGE problem for us at the other house. We had to use an exterminator for years. Once they finally were under control, I spread Diazinon granules around the house every couple of months, and that kept them out. But once they get in, forget it. It sucks that the house inspector didn’t pick up on them. You and I must have hired the same damn people to inspect!!

  2. Donna says:

    Ugh……that sucks . Welcome to the joys of being a homeowner. Hope the new company clears all those problems up for ya!

    House inspectors suck, I believe. They missed a HUGE CRACK in our furnace which led to our CO detector going off within hours of it being plugged in for the first time. Good thing we all didn’t die.