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Eyelash Creatures

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Remember my post about the beauty tip to wash your pillow case? Well, here’s some pretty heebie-jeebie pictoral evidence of why that is such a good idea: Eyelash Creatures.

You’re welcome.

High Class Problem

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

So my nails are due for a refill – I can’t get away with waiting any longer. I’ve got an appointment for this afternoon and I can’t wait to get these things fixed up! But, here’s the problem: I’m leaving for Vegas in 11 days and I want my nails to be in tip top shape when I go out there. I’m hardly going to be ready for a refill in 11 days, but there will definitely be some wear and tear on them. What a dilemma! If only all my problems were this hard. One thing I might do is just get a polish change the day before I leave so they look fresh even if there is a little bit of growth. That might work. What say you?

Celebrity Duets

Friday, September 29th, 2006

I just finished watching the season finale of Celebrity Duets. I have to tell you this show has completely entertained me from beginning to end. Choosing Wayne Brady as the host was sheer genius, but what else do you expect from the likes of Simon Cowell? I liked the judges, even if Little Richard was not quite all the way there and David Foster was just a wee bit smug. Hey, they’re Little Richard and David Foster, they’re entitled. And this was one of most non-lame finale shows of this genre that I’ve seen. The group songs were fun and filled with loads of talent. Seeing Little Richard perform life on stage was great… but I’m a little worried about him. When he was done, there was something in his eyes and on his face that made me concerned. Then he sat briefly in the judges chair and was really out of it… and then suddenly he was gone. I hope he’s okay!

I loved that Wayne Brady sang a song with Boyz II Men. What happened to the 4th original member of their band, though? Little trivia – Wayna went to high school with my sister. Cool, huh? Anyway, Wayne can totally sing – love him. He’s such a dream.

I loved that David Foster played the piano and the top four did a joke-y song with him complete with Marie Osmond coming on stage to play around.

And I loved, loved, loved that Alfonso won!! Yay! I seriously sat here with a smile on my face the entire time I was watching the show tonight and when Wayne announced Alfonso’s name, I cheered and clapped and said, “Yay!” Ha!

So I’ll be interested to see if Alfonso comes out with an album. He really can sing and David Foster seems pretty interested in working with him. I bet he could come out with a hit!

I hope the networks – any network – decides to do this show again – I really enjoyed it.

Two things

Friday, September 29th, 2006

First – Posties: I know all of your links are gone with this new layout. I’m working on it!

Second – Grey’s Anatomy. I recorded the season premiere and never had a chance to watch it until tonight. There’s been so much hype around this show and just about all of my friends are in love with it, I figured I’d give it a second try. I started watching when it first came on and it just didn’t draw me in too much. I didn’t hate it, but Rob did and so we didn’t watch. But now. Oh my goodness, now. It is different. I loved that episode and I want to know everything about all the characters and storylines now. I must know! And I’m also very upset that I didn’t record the second show of the season, so now I’m really out of the loop. There’s got to be a way to find this info on the web… I’m on a mission!


Friday, September 29th, 2006

I’ve been feeling a little down in the dumps all day today. It started this morning when I read the news story about the school shooting in Colorado where that 16 year old girl, Emily Keyes, was killed. I think it really hit me because she was a twin. Imagining my brother having to go through life after me being killed at 16 is a very sobering thought.

Photo_09Then this afternoon, Rob sent me this picture of the boys at Connor’s football game. Look how big they’re getting! And doesn’t Connor look awesome in his uniform? The only problem is he didn’t play at all. :-( That almost made me cry to hear. I guess we’ll see how he took it when I get home and talk to him. Poor kid. He is so into football and seems to really love it, so it’s a shame he didn’t get any playing time in.

I’m glad it’s Friday. This week was just a whirlwind and the days practically blurred into each other. I’m looking forward to some downtime this weekend. Well, tomorrow only, I guess – since Sunday is Aric’s birthday and party.