A 10

I’ve been shopping the past couple of days – getting clothes for my trip to Vegas, which will be worn here at home, too, of course. I’m trying to focus on getting clothes that are a bit sexier than I normally buy… I’ve noticed that my style is pretty conservative and I want to start getting more playful and daring. So far I’ve bought four tops that fit the bill. I’m excited to wear them even though I know I might be a little self-conscious in them at first.

Tonight I also bought a new pair of jeans and that shopping experience was an unexpected surprise. I naturally grabbed some size 12 jeans to try on along with a few shirts and headed to the dressing room, but the jeans turned out to be too big! I had to go back and get 10s! Now, not every pair of 10s I tried on fit, but that’s okay – I’m still fitting into 10s! I also noticed that I have to buy mediums in some shirts now instead of large. To give you some perspective – I am 5’11″ and 5 years ago I was wearing a 22/24. When I first started on my journey of recovery from food addiction, I said I would be happy to be a size 14 again. And today I’m two sizes smaller than that. Miracles do happen, kids. I’m living proof!

5 Responses to “A 10”

  1. Laura says:

    Yippee! That had to make you feel good. I think we need a fashion show of these new tops.

  2. bobbie says:

    All your determenation and hard work has really paid off, Amy! Good for you!

  3. Marcy says:

    Yay! Good for you. =)

    I’ve also noticed my clothing style getting a bit to the bland side and want to spice it up a bit… I’ve got my sis around now for inspiration, she really makes the most if layering clothes and coming up with interesting looks. =)