Celebrity Duets

I just finished watching the season finale of Celebrity Duets. I have to tell you this show has completely entertained me from beginning to end. Choosing Wayne Brady as the host was sheer genius, but what else do you expect from the likes of Simon Cowell? I liked the judges, even if Little Richard was not quite all the way there and David Foster was just a wee bit smug. Hey, they’re Little Richard and David Foster, they’re entitled. And this was one of most non-lame finale shows of this genre that I’ve seen. The group songs were fun and filled with loads of talent. Seeing Little Richard perform life on stage was great… but I’m a little worried about him. When he was done, there was something in his eyes and on his face that made me concerned. Then he sat briefly in the judges chair and was really out of it… and then suddenly he was gone. I hope he’s okay!

I loved that Wayne Brady sang a song with Boyz II Men. What happened to the 4th original member of their band, though? Little trivia – Wayna went to high school with my sister. Cool, huh? Anyway, Wayne can totally sing – love him. He’s such a dream.

I loved that David Foster played the piano and the top four did a joke-y song with him complete with Marie Osmond coming on stage to play around.

And I loved, loved, loved that Alfonso won!! Yay! I seriously sat here with a smile on my face the entire time I was watching the show tonight and when Wayne announced Alfonso’s name, I cheered and clapped and said, “Yay!” Ha!

So I’ll be interested to see if Alfonso comes out with an album. He really can sing and David Foster seems pretty interested in working with him. I bet he could come out with a hit!

I hope the networks – any network – decides to do this show again – I really enjoyed it.

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  1. Bev says:

    I quit watching it when Jai got voted off! Buggers! I was sure he would win.