Family Meetings

Does your family have family meetings? If so, how did they get started? How often do you have them? Do they make a difference in your family?

I had the idea come to me today out of the blue to start having family meetings. I feel the boys are old enough now that we could get some good dialogue going about the things that go on in the house. For our first topic, I’d like to talk about getting a dog. I was really thinking today about how much work it is, especially in the beginning. I want to bring up all these points to the boys and also hear their side of things – with no pressure and possibly no decisions being made, just an open forum for the first meeting. That was my initial thought – and then I thought we could take it further and open it up to any issues any one wants to bring up without it being a mom and dad lecture the kids session. We have enough of those as it is.

I talked to Rob about this tonight and he was in agreement, so I think we’re going to try it. Maybe this weekend when we all have time. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

One Response to “Family Meetings”

  1. Kath says:

    We used to have “What’s your beef?” night. That is one night a week, where each of us could tell another member of the family about a “beef” we had with them. No fighting or arguing. Also the person with a “beef” had to say something positive/kind/supportive of the person they had a “beef” with. I would always make a dinner that contained beef to go with the ‘theme’ of the evening. :-)

    We have also had other meetings when things have needed addressing. The meetings do give the kids a chance to be part of the solution to issues that need resolving.