High Class Problem

So my nails are due for a refill – I can’t get away with waiting any longer. I’ve got an appointment for this afternoon and I can’t wait to get these things fixed up! But, here’s the problem: I’m leaving for Vegas in 11 days and I want my nails to be in tip top shape when I go out there. I’m hardly going to be ready for a refill in 11 days, but there will definitely be some wear and tear on them. What a dilemma! If only all my problems were this hard. One thing I might do is just get a polish change the day before I leave so they look fresh even if there is a little bit of growth. That might work. What say you?

One Response to “High Class Problem”

  1. Jill says:

    I usually just do a polish change before a trip if I’ve had
    a fill within the past week. Good idea!