When September Ends

We’re having storms tonight, a new weather system is bringing with it cooler weather. Tomorrow’s high is only going to be 65. I guess summer is definitely officially over. Wahhh. It’s time to start getting ready for the Holiday season – they all end up running together more and more the older I get. I am actually very excited about celebrating them in our new house. I want to deck the place out especially for Christmas. I’d like to do stuff for Halloween, but I’m just not sure we’ll have the time. I’ll probably just do a fall theme kind of thing with pumpkins and corn stalks – just real traditional stuff.

I remember when I was a kid, we always had total ghetto decorations for fall: you know the big cardboard cutouts taped to the windows and doors. Heh. Reminds me of the Eddie Murphy skit when he talks about the welfare hamburgers with the big ole green peppers sticking out. Also, “You ain’t got no ice cream!”

One Response to “When September Ends”

  1. Jodi says:

    Heeeeeyyyyyyy – no bagging on the ghetto deco! LOL! Thank goodness for the Dollar stores that actuall carry cool window clings ‘n’ stuff…so nobody actually KNOWS how ghetto we actually are!!!
    And by the way…how come now that I’m ‘OLDER’ – things like that are really cool?? Cause of course, our oldest (18) thinkis we are “retarded”!