Being 10

Aric in Go-KartAric had a pretty good birthday. We got him a cell phone and he was thrilled about that. I hope he is responsible with it – he’s been dying for one ever since Connor got one for his birthday last year. We already used it two or three times today, to have him come home from the park – so I’m glad he’s got it.

Later in the afternoon, the family came over, as usual, and we headed to Happy Tymes – a local Go-Kart, miniature golf, arcade type place. The kids really like it there because they love riding those Go-Karts, but it was tiring for a lot of the adults this time. The guy running the karts was an idiot and just didn’t keep a good flow going. Rob was getting quite frustrated with him. Here’s Rob and Joe waiting in line, which they spent most of the afternoon doing.

Rob and Joe

As we were planning Aric’s birthday party, I asked Aric who he wanted to invite. He was pretty clear with me that he wanted to invite his one new friend, Kevin, but not his other new friend, Adam, who lives down the street. I thought it was tacky and wasn’t sure why he wanted to do that, but he insisted he didn’t want Adam to come. So, fast forward to today when we walked into Happy Tymes. We walked right smack into Adam! I wasn’t sure what was going on at first – was he just here coincidentally? Was he stalking Aric? Was he crashing the party? Well it turns out he was there for the party and had been there for an hour waiting. We finally pulled it out of Aric that he invited him a few days ago and never bothered to tell us. Awkward! So now I’m not sure what the conversation with Adam’s mom will be like at the bus stop tomorrow. The thing is, Adam’s parents are divorced and he came with his dad, who doesn’t live near us. His dad stayed at Happy Tymes the whole time we were there, but didn’t say anything to us at all. The whole situation was just bizarre.

Anyway, the birthday is over and now we get a break from birthday parties until the end of November, when Joseph turns five. More pictures are here – but there’s not many at all so far. Hopefully my mom took more and I’ll add to that set.

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