Crying it Out

With the new infant on our hands, we’ve taken to employing a technique we never tried with our kids: crying it out. It’s been working well for us at night so far. When it’s time for bed, we all go into the bedroom and I get Grace settled in her crate and pet her a little bit before closing the gate and getting in bed. She usually cries for about 5 minutes, sometimes loudly complete with howling, but she always settles down and falls asleep and all is well. The nights have been reasonably good for us, all things considered.

Tonight, before it was bed time, Grace was really getting out of control – just running around and getting into everything we didn’t want her to get into, getting on everyone’s nerves and even nipping at all of us. I finally couldn’t stand it any more and brought her travel crate into the family room to put her in it so she’d settle down. I didn’t do it “the right way” though, because I was so frustrated with her by that point. I took one of her favorite toys, threw it in the crate and after she chased it in, I zipped up the opening so she couldn’t get out. Basically, I tricked her. Pretty mean, huh? She cried for about 5 minutes and then settled down so it wasn’t a catastrophe, but I feel bad for the way it happened. I also hate that the night felt a bit out of control with her. I guess it’s to be expected – she’ll be 9 weeks old tomorrow, but I want to have the perfect Dog Whisperer experience here!

Oh and I need to get an audio of her cry – she sounds like a seal or something. I’ve never heard a dog make a noise like this before. It is bizarre and annoying. LOL

2 Responses to “Crying it Out”

  1. Laura says:

    I’m a gigantic fan of the cry-it-out method. I mean, I’m not some hard core Ferber Nazi or anything – I never let my kids cry for hours or anything – but they’re all GREAT sleepers, and I can just lay them down awake and leave the room and they go to sleep. Voila. A week or two of “training” them and it’s improved my life dramatically!

  2. Lisa says:

    Awwww…don’t the little buggers just TUG at your heartstrings – like so hard!!

    God bless her sweet little puppy heart and God bless you guys!!!

    Hey, Amy – will you email me? I got a question…