American Idol – Big Stage, Week 1

We’ve got the Final 12 on the big stage tonight. For some people, the season officially starts tonight. And they’re off to a good start, in my opinion, since Diana Ross is this week’s mentor. Wow, she looks amazing! I love her and her music. A true star – these kids are so fortunate to get the chance to work with her.

I’m going to try to listen to everyone with fresh ears and put away any prejudice I have of their previous performances. It won’t be easy, but I’m going to try!

First one out on the big stage is Brandon Rogers singing- “You Can’t Hurry Love” and I still don’t like him. Oh my goodness, did he forget the words?? Yes he did. That makes me feel bad for him, but this is a competition. I thought that was a poor performance, I was really unimpressed. He’s got a nice voice, but he’s got some major breathing problems. Simon said “no star quality” and I agree.

Oh my goodness! Simon just said to Ryan that “he should know about the high heels” and that “he is out” of the closet. Ha ha ha! Did Ryan just hit on Simon? Too funny. The gossip rags are going to be on fire tomorrow with that little interaction!

Next up is Melinda Doolittle singing “Home” (from The Wiz). I’m not familiar with this song. Is it always so slow and boring? There’s no doubt that this girl can sing. Her voice is just so rich and resonant and I can tell she did a nice job singing this song, it just wasn’t my favorite. My 12 year old just said, “I think Paula is high.” Haha! Okay, Simon said this song is typically boring, so that makes sense.

Diana’s hair twin, Chris Sligh, is singing “Endless Love”. Oh, he took the glasses off! I’m not sure if I like that or not. Okay, so this is a sped up version of the song. It’s a little jarring because I have the old version in my mind as I hear this. The judges didn’t like this and I agree with them, for the most part. It’s hard to get past such a classic sounding so different. Paula and Randy nailed it – he tries too hard to be cool and tried to make this sound like a Coldplay remix.

Looking like Pat Benatar from 1986 is Gina Glockson singing “Love Child”. She did a decent job, but I think she lacks soul. She shouted a lot of the song and it seemed like she couldn’t wait to get through it and get off the stage.

I loved watching Diana interact with the next contestant, Sanjaya Malakar, who sang “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. “Can you dance” HA! No, Diana, and he can’t sing either! What in the world is up with that hair tonight? So distracting – and the only thing Randy looks forward to. How sad is that? It’s the truth, though. He sucks and needs to go home.

The next song was written in mourning of Marvin Gaye. Haley Scarnato sang “Missing You”. She butchered the first line. And then proceeded to oversing and butcher the rest of the song. Another one forgetting the words. Wow. Diana has to be cringing listening to this. I know I am. Awful. Whoa, Simon actually somewhat liked it. Is it just me or are the contestants this season a lot greener than in previous seasons? These people seem like babes in the woods and are just waiting for Hollywood to eat them up. Hardly any of them seem like they get into their element when they get on the stage.

Oooh, Phil called Diana “Miss Ross”. I love that. Phil Stacey sang “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me”. I wonder what he would look like if he had hair? I think he needs it. Okay, the shape of his head isn’t my favorite, but I really liked his performance. He did a great job! Even with the yelling. Somehow the male yelling doesn’t bother me as much as when the females do it. He talked about coming out with confidence and I wonder if that’s what the difference is between him and the other singers tonight.

Tonight’s favorite for this genre, LaKisha Jones aka Kiki (cute nickname!) sang “God Bless the Child”. Oooh, this girl did not disappoint. She’s got the stage presence. She’s got the voice. She’s got the soul down into her bones. And she gives me chills. Damn. That was wonderful. Loved it. Best performance of the night by a mile.

The next guy is just too cool. Watching him mix up this song on his computer made me hot. Seriously. Blake Lewis sang, “You Keep Me Hanging On” and it was different! One thing about this guy is he keeps your eyes glued to the TV. There were some ups and downs to this song, but he should have tried to hit the big notes a little bit more. I hope he’s not in trouble with this.

Wearing a bizarre dress is Stephanie Edwards singing “Love Hang Over Here”. She did a nice job, but she has a tendency to yell and you all know how much I don’t like that. Her voice is so smooth, she really doesn’t need to do that. Ahh, Randy said she forgot some of the words, too. I didn’t notice it like I did with the other two, so her performance was better than theirs, but she’s no LaKisha or Melinda.

Chris Richardson sang “The Boss”. It was just okay. I didn’t love it, that is for sure. Oh, and Chris, that cheesy flip grin at the camera as you walked off stage? Don’t do that ever again.

Closing the show was Jordin Sparks, singing “If We Hold On Together”. Despite her cheesy sitting down start, I really loved this. I love how she can easily transition between different ranges. Those transitions were seamless and breathtaking. On top of that, she is stunningly gorgeous. She’s got that over LaKisha and Melinda, but she needs to wear dresses with push up cups, I think.

Favorites tonight were Jordin and LaKisha. Least favorites were Sanjaya and Haley.

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