Reelin’ in the Years Confession

Yesterday I was driving to work and that song “Reelin’ in the Years” came on. I rocked out since I just love that song to pieces. When it was over, the deejay came on to announce the song and artist. When he said, “Steely Dan,” I thought to myself that it was funny that a deejay got it wrong. Coincidentally, I heard the song again last night, where they said it was Steely Dan once more. And I saw it on Christine’s blog this morning under the same artist’s name. And right this minute, it just came up on Pandora.

Why did I think for all these years that Crosby, Stills & Nash sang this? Go ahead and laugh now.

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3 Responses to “Reelin’ in the Years Confession”

  1. Darla says:

    Man, not satisfied with just screwing up lyrics, huh????

  2. Deb says:

    laughing….driving down to florida, my husband and i debated over a song…and it kept coming up..I’m like…i’m telling you, it’s Asia..swallows pride…it was YES!