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Self-Portrait Sunday

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Self-Portrait Sunday

I have a picture for Self-Portrait Sunday this week! This is a fun Meme that I don’t participate in often enough. Click the button above to see all the other self-portraits. Here’s mine:


New Cars!

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Well, we did end up getting new cars! Fun!

I got the Honda Pilot and Rob got the Honda Ridgeline. We have remained a “same car family-family”. We’re loving them!

Here are some pictures:




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Grace’s Spay Update

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Grace had her first full day after the operation at home today. We let Connor stay home from school to be with her. The possibility of her licking the wound all day while being alone scared us, and Connor certainly didn’t complain about getting to stay home. She’s supposed to not get up and down from the couch or go up and down stairs. It’s kind of hard to prevent the couch thing because she is so quick. She got down the stairs in a flash two times already, too. Her wound looks okay, but a little red and swollen tonight. I asked Rob if we could give her a Benadryl tomorrow to sedate her, but I don’t know if it would. I did research giving it to her, and we could give her 50mg since she weighs about 55 pounds. I’m just not sure if we want to do it or not. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Thanks for everyone’s good thoughts for her – they must have worked! :-)

New Cars

Friday, April 27th, 2007

We’re probably going to be buying new cars tomorrow. It will depend on the deal, of course. We’ve shopped around and done some test driving and I think we’re both set on Hondas. I want the Pilot and Rob wants the Ridgeline. Funny how we’ll stay in the same car family if we get these (right now we both have Saturn VUEs). Now I need to decide on a color! My mom and my sister both have Pilots already – my sister has the Dark Cherry Pearl and my mom has the Numbus Grey Metallic. I like both of those, but would want a different color and there’s not that many to choose from. I like the Billet Silver Metallic and the Desert Rock Metallic. I’m not sure what colors Rob likes – I’m just grateful Honda doesn’t have that tacky bright blue color that a lot of auto makers seem to have these days. Hate that color and it just so happens to be Rob’s favorite.

If all goes well, I’ll have pictures to post soon enough!

Technorati Faves

Friday, April 27th, 2007

I’ve been out of the loop on all things Internet for the past couple of weeks, but I happened to catch this in my referrers on my WP Dashboard tonight. Tip Tail has added me to the Technorati Favorites exchange that is going around and now I’m passing on the favor. Apparently, this whole list exchange was started by on his Dosh Dosh’s Technorati Favorites Exchange post. Here’s my part!

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My New Faves

Tech Boyardee-Fav the Site
My Thoughts-Fav the Site
Genki Desu Yo-Fav the Site
My Single Mom Life-Fav the Site
Skeet’s Stuff-Fav the Site

The Original Faves
Feeding Time At The Zoo-Fav the Site
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Table for Five-Fav the Site
Digital Nomads-Fave the Site
Soho Quest-Fave the Site
The Sovereign Journey-Fave the Site
Internet Serious Business-Fave the Site
Stephen FungFave the Site Add him to your favorites and he’ll donate to charity!
Ed LauFave the Site
QMusingsFave the Site
Gary LeeFave the Site
Dosh DoshFave the Site
Nate WhitehillFave the Site
Ms. DanielleFave the Site
Jeff KeeFave the Site
Scribble on the WallFave the Site
ChaChaFave the Site
Jon LeeFave the Site
SamanathonFave the Site
Eat Drink & Be Merry - Fave the Site
The Man of Silver
Fave the Site
Hannes JohnsonFave the Site
My Dandelion Patch
Fave the Site
Nathan DrachFave the Site
SiteLogicFave the Site
Julies JournalFave the Site
Shadowscope-Fave the Site the Site
Miles Business Blog-Fave the Site
The Pond-Fave the Site
ah ok lah – blogosphere and life-Fave the Site
CoolAdzine for Marketers-Fave the Site
Whatever I Feel Like-Fave the Site
Johann The Dog-Fave the Site
Aimee Roo-Fave the Site
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Poodle and Dog Blog-Fave the Site
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