New Cars

We’re probably going to be buying new cars tomorrow. It will depend on the deal, of course. We’ve shopped around and done some test driving and I think we’re both set on Hondas. I want the Pilot and Rob wants the Ridgeline. Funny how we’ll stay in the same car family if we get these (right now we both have Saturn VUEs). Now I need to decide on a color! My mom and my sister both have Pilots already – my sister has the Dark Cherry Pearl and my mom has the Numbus Grey Metallic. I like both of those, but would want a different color and there’s not that many to choose from. I like the Billet Silver Metallic and the Desert Rock Metallic. I’m not sure what colors Rob likes – I’m just grateful Honda doesn’t have that tacky bright blue color that a lot of auto makers seem to have these days. Hate that color and it just so happens to be Rob’s favorite.

If all goes well, I’ll have pictures to post soon enough!

2 Responses to “New Cars”

  1. Brian J. Hong says:

    I’m excited for the new Toyota FT-HS. I want a Prius but then hopefully this’ll have more power under the hood. :)

  2. techie says:

    Just don’t buy it brand new or you are a complete financial idiot.