Holiday Weekend

Finally – a few days off in a row! Life has been so busy and hectic lately – it’s amazing how good it feels to not have much to do for a few hours. Today I met with a friend for coffee and took Grace on a short trip to PetSmart – that’s been the extent of my activity outside of the house. I’ve also taken a delicious nap and read some of the latest book I’m reading, The Namesake. All other time has been filled with just relaxation and hanging out with the fam. Delightful.

My parents are in Virginia, they left yesterday – and we were supposed to go with them on this trip. However, since it’s a 7-8 hour drive and the kids only have off Monday, we decided it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to go for just a few days. I’m bummed because I haven’t been down there in 11 years (where all our relatives live) and also because we won’t get to spend Memorial Day with my parents. It’s been a tradition to go to their house early, watch the local parade and then barbecue later in the day. Not this year. Tomorrow we’ll go to my sister’s and hopefully get some swimming in – she said the temperature is pretty high and we’ve had some hot days recently. Not sure what we’ll do on Monday, I wouldn’t mind finding a parade to go watch, although I know it won’t be the same as watching the one from my hometown. Half of the fun of going to the parade is seeing people you haven’t seen in a while – and we don’t really know a lot of people in the town we live in yet. That’s fodder for an entire new post, though.

Whatever you and your loved ones are doing, hope you enjoy the long weekend! And don’t forget to thank a vet and remember all of those who died for our beautiful country.

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