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Sad Times

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

It’s been a rough couple of days for me.

First, my sponsor’s dad died on Saturday. He was in a car accident a couple weeks ago and was making progress – then he had a heart attack and went rapidly downhill. They decided to take him off life support, as he would have wanted. So tragic. He was in pretty good health prior to the accident, even though he was 77.

Next is a prevalent thing – things at work just aren’t good. And I’ll leave it at that.

Then last night I found out another friend’s parents were in a car accident on Friday. Her mom died at the hospital and her dad is in critical condition. That’s two funerals/viewings I’ll be attending this week. The saddest part of that story is her parents were on their way to a memorial celebration event for their son who died just two years ago. :-( Oh and the funeral for her mom and my sponsor’s dad is on the same day, but thankfully the viewing for her mom is Wednesday night, so I can pay my respects to both friends.

Last night also sucked because our upstairs TV went on the fritz. There is a red and green curved band at the bottom of the screen that gives a duplicate image of everything on the screen. From Googling, I’m pretty sure we have a convergence problem, which means big bucks for a repair. We have to decide if we repair it or just buy a new one. This is a nice TV – 53″ Rear Projection HDTV that is only 4 years old. Sucks.

And to top it all off, last night I spilled coffee all over my new Vera Bradley purse, wallet and makeup bag (I actually knocked the cup over INTO my bag). I tried my best to get it out, but the material is pretty much stained. I washed them in the gentle cycle – no go. I washed by hand with Oxiclean – little better. I have them drying in the sun now – maybe that will help. Meanwhile, I’m using my original Mesa Red set that I got for Christmas.

So, yeah. Life is not a bowl of cherries at the moment.

Catching Up

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

I haven’t had time to blog for a few days – I’ve missed talking to you guys. There have been a lot of things that have happened, too, that made me think, “Must blog this later!!” I’m sure I’ll forget half of them. You’ll just have to take my word for it that whatever I forget to tell you was awesome and thrilling beyond belief.

I’ll attempt to do a little recap. Let’s see – on Thursday night, we went to see a pre-showing of Shrek 3, courtesy of a vendor at work. I wasn’t too impressed with the movie, it was mildly entertaining, but I think it’s definitely time to retire the series. It usually is after the 2nd or 3rd rendition of things, anyway. Still, it was fun to do something a little different and my parents got to attend, as well. They came over to our house afterwards and we had coffee and hung out for a bit.

Friday was a crazy day at work – seems to be turning into the norm lately. I won’t go into all those details. Connor had a sleep over for his summer camp – it’s an initiation for all of the disciples (Jr. Counselors) – so we dropped him off and Rob, Aric and I went out to dinner. Afterwards, I went to a desperately needed meeting.

Yesterday, I got up early and drove to my mom’s. My mom, my sister and I then went out to the commissary and BX to get some shopping done. It always takes a while to get that done. We left at 9:30 and didn’t get back to my mom’s until almost 1:30. Then we had to eat lunch and get all the groceries out of my mom’s car and into either my car, my sister’s car, or my mom’s house. After that was done, my mom and I drove to Home Depot to get flowers and pots for my back patio. At 3, we finally made it back to my house where Rob, Ed (my BIL), my dad, and the boys had been working in the yard. Ed came to our house with a full-sized backhoe to help us finish digging the hole where our Pavers patio is going.

The plan was to grill out for dinner and while my mom and I were starting on the flowers and pots, I heard my dad and Rob discussing the state of the grill. It was decided we needed a new one so Rob and I headed to Lowes to buy the new grill. When we got back, we immediately had to start cooking and getting things ready for dinner. We had my parents, my sister and BIL, and Rob’s best friend and his family over – it was a full house and we had a really nice time. Rob whispered into my ear at one point that he really loves when we have everyone over. I do, too, but I wish I could get over the thing where I see all the faults in the house the whole time people are here. I need to just relax and enjoy everyone’s company and not worry if they are seeing the dirty floors, the pictures hanging a bit crooked, the storm doors that need replacing, etc.

Oh! I was going to add “our white trash backyard” to that list, but we had something else exciting happen yesterday. Friday night, on my way to my meeting I saw a truck for 1-800-GOT-JUNK and I decided to check them out when I got home. It turned out to be a real blessing – they came yesterday and took all of the old wood sitting in piles, a bunch of branches and debris, just general junk from our yard. They do all of the work and clean up, too – at a really reasonable price. I was impressed! So our backyard is starting to get a little better. There is still so much we need to do, but we’re getting there one step at a time.

And now it’s Sunday. Our plans for the day include yard work. I want to get all of our planted areas weeded, filled in with new dirt, etc., and possibly transplant some Hostas to different locations. I think Rob and Aric are going to do some mowing and edging. I might even get some more annuals to plant – we’ll see what the day brings. I also have to do some work – not looking forward to that. So much to do, so little time.

Consider yourself caught up!

The Coffee Fool

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Have any of you ever tried coffee from The Coffee Fool? One of their contextual ads caught my attention and I’ve been browsing their site this morning. They’ve got quite the lineup of flavors in decaf! I want to try at least 10 of them, but I think I could start with one. I did some searching online and found mixed reviews, so if you’ve had a personal experience with them, please tell it to me in the comments. Thanks!

The Final Showdown

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

I watched Bob Barker do his thing for the last time tonight on The Price Is Right. Rob asked if Bob cried at the end (he didn’t), but I sure wanted to cry. It’s the end of an era. Hard to believe this show has been on for almost 35 years. I learned a little bit of trivia tonight, too – the show debuted on Rob’s 1st birthday in 1972.

Bob’s last episode was fairly anti-climatic. No one won the showcase showdown and no one spun the wheel for a million. They did play a couple of my favorite games, though, including Cliff Hangers. Good times. Hard to believe I’ll never stay home from school work again and be able to watch TPIR with Bob as the host. Well, maybe on the Game Show Network one day, but that’s not the same.

We’ll miss you, Bob.

American Idol – Final 3 Results

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Don’t peek here if you don’t want to know who is in the finale for this season’s American Idol!!