I’m Officially Falling Apart

Well I said I was going to take care of all my issues at the doctor today and I did not lie. I feel like I spent the entire day doing things in some form with doctors. First was the appointment with my primary care physician.

I go to a family practice so there are a few doctors there. I’m new to this practice, so I don’t know any of the doctors yet, really.. Today while I was in the waiting room, a doctor called a patient in and just by his abrupt manner, I thought, “I hope that’s not the doctor I’m seeing.” Sure enough, it was. All was well, though, as I turned out to really come to love his no-nonsense style once I was his patient. So here’s the low-down of what he told me.

1 – About the arm – he didn’t really have any idea after looking at it and asking questions – so he gave me a referral to an orthopedic specialist
2 – About the dizziness – he did a bunch of tests – had me walking on my tiptoes, had me watching his finger, had me do resistance testing when he pulled on my limbs, etc. all kinds of stuff. After he got done, he told me those were tests to see if I had a brain tumor or a stroke!! Ack! Thankfully, he doesn’t think I do, and thinks it may be related to the “allergy” or hearing loss problems. He told me the name for the dizziness I have is benign positional vertigo. Sounds important, huh?
3 – About the allergies – he says he doesn’t think I have allergies, but that I have something called vasomotor rhinitis. The symptoms are similar to allergies, except not too much itchy, watery eyes and the causes are related to the weather, changes in temperature, etc. – all things I have problems with. So he gave me a prescription for Flonase for that and also Zyrtec D if the Flonase isn’t enough. It will take 3-5 days for Flonase to start working. So he said if after about 2 months of the new drugs I’m still experiencing the dizziness, then he wants me to get an MRI of my brain to make sure there are no tumors or anything. He also was interested in my history of hearing loss and was surprised that I don’t have a regular doctor that I see to monitor it. He sort of read me the riot act about that. He gave me a referral to an ENT so I can establish a relationship with a doctor for my ears, and also to discuss the possibility that my vertigo is related to the problem with my ears or vasomotor rhinitis.

Whew, right? So now here’s my schedule of doctor’s appointments for the week.

Today I also called the the hearing aid doctor and was able to get right in – so my hearing aid is fixed. Yay! I also stopped back at my primary care doctor’s to pick up a script for an X-ray to have taken before I go to the orthopedic specialist. And, I called the GYN to reschedule my appointment I missed yesterday.

Tomorrow morning at 10, I go to the ENT. Thursday night I go to the orthopedic specialist and some time before that I need to get the x-rays. And my GYN appointment is rescheduled for August, in case you’re interested – ha!

So there you have it – I’m officially falling apart. Heh! I actually feel really good about taking care of all this today. I feel hopeful and positive about my treatment options. I’m still kind of stunned that the doc doesn’t think I have allergies since I’ve been taking Zyrtec for years now. He said he was surprised it’s been doing anything on its own.

I’ll be sure to keep you all apprised of the progress.

Edit: I forgot to add the best part! My doctor wrote down the names of the things I have and told me to Google them. Then he told me to email him any time!! LOVE HIM!!! LOL! I almost asked him if he read my blog.

15 Responses to “I’m Officially Falling Apart”

  1. Laura says:

    Whew! I’ll bet that’s a load off your mind, just getting some answers. Glad the doc turned out to be one you like.

  2. Sindy says:

    It’s great to hear that he did a very thorough examination! I’m glad you’re feeling more positive about “falling apart”.

  3. Amy says:

    Thanks, Laura :-)

  4. Amy says:

    Thanks, Sindy! He was very thorough, indeed. I was pleasantly surprised!

  5. eve says:

    Awesome, I am glad you are getting it taken care of! Thorough doctors are the best!

  6. Loretta says:

    Sounds like a productive visit Amy! I think as mom’s we end up waiting until we do feel like we’re falling apart to go to the doctor and then when we go we have this big long list that has just snuck up and whacked us over the head one day. My last two doctor visits I actually had a list on a piece of paper so I wouldn’t forget anything.

  7. Amy says:

    I almost did the same thing with the list, Loretta! ha!

  8. Darla says:

    Wow! I’m glad he was thorough and even more glad that none of it sounds serious!

    I hope you get some answers and treatment to alleviate what you’re experiencing.

  9. suni says:

    that is one of the best sounding visits ever. most doctors around here try to make you come back 20 times for as much stuff as you got done in one visit!

  10. Julie says:

    You know, I love your doctor! That is exactly how my new gyn was…here is the info, now Google it, and call me for another consultation. LMAO at him reading your blog!

    I hope you get some answers soon. My Grandfather had “ear rocks” also!!!!

  11. Alicia says:

    Sounds like my kinda doctor! I love the no nonsense ones and recently found one myself. I am surprised I didn’t think of the ear problem/vertigo thing when I read about your dizziness before. Silly me! My mom and I experience it A LOT. She wears hearing aids and I can barely hear in my right ear (should probably have some form of aid…), and have always had ear issues. When I’m congested or feel a cold coming on my vertigo kicks in…nothing like turning to talk to someone and smacking into a wall.

    Anyhow…I’m glad your doc listened to you and took you seriously, as so many don’t. And yes…do see the ear specialist! I don’t see one now because of no insurance but it’s been a yearly thing since I was a year old and has helped a lot.

  12. Fez Travel says:

    I hope you’ll be able to get through all those tedious medications. To be honest, hospital is the place I dreaded the most.

  13. Deb says:

    Glad you’re getting it all taken care of…and like I said yesterday…I LOVE my FLONASE! IT has changed my life…it’s one medication I love to take, because of how incredible it works. I breath normally now, not congested 24hrs day etc!

    I hope they can resolve the dizziness.

  14. geeky says:

    Wow, sounds like you got a great doc! I’ve never had a doc that told me to email him. And for what it’s worth, my husband LOVES Flonase. He’s had bad allergies his whole life and it works great for him. He’s always trying to get me to try it, but I refuse to squirt things up my nose :)

  15. pet articles says:

    the Google thing is so funny!
    maybe you should try another doc next time