So You Think You Can Dance?

As you can see, I haven’t started doing recaps of the show yet. I just haven’t had the time! I watched the regular show and the results show last night, and it’s all just a blur to me now after 3 hours of footage. I still think there are too many dancers for me to have any strong feelings about one or another yet. Last night as some of the couples came on, I found myself wondering who a couple of them were until they started dancing and I remembered that I liked them.

Anyway, what did you think about the solos last night? Nigel ripped all the girls a new one and then abruptly let Jessi go. What was that all about? He had not one word of kindness, advice, nothing for her. Just, “You’re leaving tonight.” Buh bye. It was a very awkward, uncomfortable moment for all involved. I don’t think even Cat Deely was expecting it to go down like that, and she seemed a bit flustered. Jessi pretty much refused to comment when Cat asked her if she had anything to say. I want to know the inside scoop on what really went down now!

Oh, and word to the judges – next week when you’re judging the couples, don’t predict that anyone will be going home the next night. That tactic obviously backfired as America gave you all the middle finger and voted to keep Cedric and Shauna out of the bottom three. Also? Ditch Debbie Allen. She was the worst judge this show has seen yet. I don’t care if she’s an icon in the dance industry, she’s worthless as a judge.

Okay, I might not have done an “official” recap like I normally do, but I obviously still had something to say about the show this week. What are your thoughts?

One Response to “So You Think You Can Dance?”

  1. Layouts says:

    i agree, Debbie didn’t contribute much at all

  2. techie says:

    Agree whole heartedly about Debbie Allen. CRAP!!

    I hate Danny and glad they propped up Cedric.

    There are too many dancers to really have too many favorites. However, Hok is mine.

    You can always read my recaps and link to them if you love me. Which I’m sure you do.