101 Steps to Being a Better Blogger

Marcus is running a series of posts based on Life Hack’s post “101 Steps to Being a Better Blogger” and I am going to follow along. The first step is to go to Popuri and get your stats, then record how many visitors you have. So here is my first step – my Popuri stats:


9 Responses to “101 Steps to Being a Better Blogger”

  1. Urbanist says:

    Wow, I always check all those stats individually. I’m rather embarassed that I never found that all-in-one tool before. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Urbanist says:

    D’oh don’t forget it’s .us :)

  3. Is that the correct link to Popuri?

    I’m getting a Network Solutions “This site is under construction” page.

  4. Fez Travel says:

    Amazing! That looks like a pretty good page rank. It seems like you’re doing well. I hope to have the same result in just a few more months. Any secret to share? =)

  5. I just read the post over on Marcus’s blog and followed the link to Popuri.

    I think the URL you want is: popuri.us

    Those darn Web 2.0 style URLs :)

  6. Nice all in one tool, I am not a big fan of the compete stat though.

  7. Tracie says:

    That link is cool. Since I changed the domain on my site, everything comes up N/A, though. *pout*

  8. marcus says:

    Thank you for the love here Amy. My first post is up

    Step #1 in 101 ways

  9. simon says:

    nice layout of stats, i think i go and get the widget