Hall & Oates

We’re watching Hall & Oates perform in the rain in downtown Philadelphia. These guys are incredible – they’ve stood the test of time and their musical ability hasn’t waned at all over the years. Rob and I have seen them live in concert before, and they really do put on a good show. With the rain, the venue is virtually empty – I told Rob we should head down there and we’d get some good seats! That won’t be happening – and we can see them just fine on our big screen high-def TV.

We’ve turned both of our kids onto Hall & Oates over the years – they both request to hear our mix CDs with their music. Funny thing – when they came out on the stage just now and Darryl Hall started singing, Aric goes, “I thought the singer was black. In fact, I thought the whole band was black.” HA! That just shows you right there, these boys got some serious soul.

For anyone who watched America’s Got Talent last year – Biana Ryan was the opening act for Hall & Oates tonight. She’s got a lot of talent for a 12 year old, but she definitely has some growing to do where her singing is concerned. Some parts of her performance were downright cringe-worthy.

Well, that’s how we’re spending our night of the 4th – at home in front of the TV. It’s been a laid back day here – Aric isn’t feeling well so the two of us stayed home while Rob and Connor went to my sister’s for a BBQ. So no BBQ or fireworks for me this 4th of July, but that’s okay. I’m perfectly content to be right where I am.

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  1. Deb says:

    What I want you’ve got, and it might be hard to handle…

    ooh, and Maneater…yeah, I like these guys too