Mom’s Home!

There is a smoke detector in my kitchen – it sits in the hallway at the top of the stairs to the basement. It also sits about 3 feet away from the wall oven. What this means is, just about every time I cook something at temperatures higher than, oh I don’t know – 200F – and I open the oven door, the smoke detector goes off. I use the oven more nights than not to cook my dinner, so hearing the piercing scream of the smoke detector has become pretty much a nightly occurrence around these parts. There’s even a catch phrase to go with it that the kids coined: “Mom’s Home!” My sweet little angels.

Until yesterday, I really didn’t care a whole lot about the smoke alarm going off; I figured it was an annoyance to the family, but that was about it. I guess that is still true, except I need to replace the word “family” with “neighborhood”. You see, I was cooking dinner and opened the oven door to check on it while I was on my way out the back door to let Grace out. As soon as I stepped outside, I heard the alarm start to sound and I thought, “Oh good. It’ll annoy everyone but me now! Ha ha!”

Wrong! I was clear across the backyard, all the way towards the end of our property line and I could hear the shriek of the smoke detector clear as day. Which means my neighbors have also been hearing about my highly skilled cooking techniques. Oops! How embarrassing. I’m surprised none of them have mentioned it yet, after all, the neighbors on our left had a great time telling us how much they enjoyed watching us chase Grace all over the neighborhood when she got loose. Maybe they have just been waiting for us to come running and screaming from the house, “Fire! Fire! Fire!,” so they could point and laugh again – and then mention it a few weeks later.

5 Responses to “Mom’s Home!”

  1. Fez Travel says:

    That’s really an embarrassing moment sweetie! Just laugh at it.

  2. Amy says:

    Oh trust me, I do a lot of laughing at myself! I’m getting really good at it. :-)

  3. Jeremy Hobbs says:

    I’ll stick to the microwave, I guess…. I’m sure if I tried the oven, it’d be actual -smoke- setting off the alarm.

  4. Amy says:

    Heh! I’ve had my share of actual smoke setting off the detector, too. Maybe I should stick to the microwave myself!

  5. Our smoke alarm is connected with the apartment below us, so everytime the woman below sets it off it goes off in our apartment as well. Very annoying. Great website by the way.