Pass the Tabu

The kids and I have been enjoying episodes of The Brady Bunch that I’ve DVRed lately. Well, I’ve been enjoying them – the kids aren’t quite as enthralled as I am with them. That’s understandable, though, since the Brady’s are a childhood nostalgic thing for me and not them. While I was home for lunch today, the first episode in the best series of episodes ever came on – The Hawaii ones! I told Aric we were about to watch the best episodes ever and he was all, “Whatever.” That is, until he watched! When the episode ended, he goes, “Hey! What happens?? Play the next episode!” HA! Told ya, kid. The Hawaiian vacation is the epitome of The Brady Bunch. We watched the second episode in the trilogy when I got home from work. That darn tiki idol gets everyone! Tricky, tricky. And now we have to wait in anticipation for tomorrow at 3, when the conclusion airs. What will happen to the boys in the cave? Will the scary man played by Vincent Price kill Greg, Peter, and Bobby??? Will they play that groovy suspenseful music again? We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m shivering in anticipation.

One Response to “Pass the Tabu”

  1. Cheryl says:

    HA!! I remember that one!! Cameo by DON HO!! LOL !!