The Law of Threes

Why is it that bad things happen in threes? It’s such a bizarre phenomenon and it seems like everyone has experienced it. I’ve about had my share of the law of threes here; I’ve had three sets of three deaths in the past couple of months. The latest one was on Monday – a friend’s mother passed away after battling cancer for many years. This is especially tragic because my friend is expecting for the first time and she’s carrying triplets. Her mom was really hoping to hang on to meet those babies. So damn sad.

Speaking of death… my parents got Tasha’s ashes back today. They are in a little cedar box with a plaque engraved with her name adorning the front. We’re going to frame the RIP picture I did and place it next to the box of ashes. She’ll have her own little shrine on my parents’ mantle. I go between being touched and squicked out about that. At least they didn’t get her stuffed – a joke we all made for years. I guess it’s a good sign that we’re starting to laugh again where Tasha is concerned; it’s been a really hard loss on all of us.

Tomorrow I go to my friend’s mother’s funeral – I sure hope this is my last experience with death for quite some time. I’ve certainly had my fill.

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