Welcome, Teen Years

Connor Newborn PortraitMy beautiful, intelligent, charming, talented, humorous, strapping eldest son turns 13 today. It’s almost mind blowing to think I’m old enough to have a teenager, yet at the same time, he is so mature and grown, it’s hard to believe he is just now turning 13. Still, though, it seems that overnight he went from the precious little 9 lb, 8 oz angel you see here to the 6 ft 2 in, 150 pound dream of every teenage girl.

Last night I created a banner and hung it up for him to see as soon as he walked out of his room this morning. I also set the table with a box of donuts and his birthday card with some cash in it. I want his day to be extra special – I hope they do something for him at camp. For dinner, he has requested that we grill out hot dogs, hamburgers, and corn on the cob with some cake on the side. So we will be having that tonight, followed by some sitting around the fireside and our chiminea, I’m sure. I love that he wanted to be home with us grilling burgers on the grill rather than sitting in a restaurant somewhere.

Connor 9 Month Old Portrait Connor has been such a gift to our family. From the moment he was born, he was good-natured and a joy to be around. We went through some rough times during the “Terrible Twos”, but other than that, he really hasn’t given us any problems at all. He is respectful, well-behaved, extremely intelligent and does great in school, outgoing and popular, easy-going, musically gifted, and extraordinarily good looking. It’s almost unfathomable what a blessing he is. Sure, he has his moments; he’s human after all, but those times are usually very short-lived. The past few months have shown us a glimpse into the teenage angst and attitude we’re sure to get a healthy dose of for the next few years, but I know this is all perfectly normal. I know underneath he is still all of those beautiful, perfect things. He is loved and cherished by Rob and I, and the rest of our family – and now by a growing circle of friends who have become lucky enough to know him. I’m looking forward to watching him continue to grow and sharing his life with him.

I have all of my photos of Connor on a big external hard drive that’s in my office downstairs – until I get motivated enough to go hook it up to my laptop, the photo chronology will be small. You’ll just have to take my word for it that he’s been extremely cute every single day of his life. Here’s proof:

Connor 18 months Con&Aric-crab Con,Joe,Aric-Dad'sbday connor ConZay

And last year’s birthday montage, as further proof:
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4 Responses to “Welcome, Teen Years”

  1. Denise says:

    Happy Birthday, Connor!

    And happy birthing day, Amy!

  2. ColleenJ says:

    OMG Amy!!! I can’t believe Connor is now a teen, darn those years flew right on by, didn’t they? I feel so old HA! Tell him we said Happy B’Day!!!

  3. Kat says:

    Aww, happy birthday Connor!

    In a few years, you’ll be writing a tear filled post wondering where all the years went.
    Don’t blink.

  4. suni says:

    awww these are great pictures. i know im extra late, but happy birthday connor. be good to your mom in your teen years!