My Blood Kicks Ass

A few weeks ago I had my blood drawn for my semi-regular physical. There was a mix up with the scheduling, so I wasn’t able to get the actual physical until today. It seems like so long ago now because I’ve had so many other health issues crop up since then. At least today I was able to discuss the issues with my neck and shoulders along with getting the physical.

The doctor gave me a copy of my blood test results – she was blown away by the numbers. When I told her that I don’t eat sugar, flour, wheat, or caffeine she said those things definitely explained my results. Here are some of the numbers:

Triglycerides: 43
Total Cholesterol: 124
HDL Cholesterol: 58
LDL Cholesterol: 57
Glucose: 76
Sodium: 142
Potassium: 3.8
Chloride: 109
Carbon Dioxide: 25
Calcium: 8.5
Protein: 6.2

I didn’t know that things like potassium, chloride, and carbon dioxide were even tested. I’m not sure what it means if these levels don’t fall with normal ranges, either. The one concern she mentioned was that my calcium is a bit low. This makes sense since I don’t eat dairy, save for the recently incorporated clarified butter. I am working on getting the dairy back into my food plan slowly, and will get this re-checked in a month. There were two other items that showed up “out of range” (on the low side) and they were my total cholesterol – which she assured me was a very good thing – and my platelets – which she didn’t mention. I need to research what that means, if anything.

It felt good to be able to answer her questions in a healthy way. “Do you smoke?” – No. “How much alcohol do you consume?” – None. The only thing that I need to work on is being able to say, “Yes, regularly!” to the “Do you exercise?” question. So now that I’ve been given a clean bill of health aside from my neck and shoulder pain from the accident, I should be due to get hit by a bus any day now.

As far as my neck and shoulders go – she said it’s normal to still be in pain two weeks after the fact. If I’m still in pain in 2 more weeks, then she will send me to physical therapy. Here’s hoping that doesn’t have to happen.

3 Responses to “My Blood Kicks Ass”

  1. Kim says:

    Watch out for buses!

  2. suni says:

    freaking awesome :D stay back from the curb if you can.

  3. Hye Munar says:

    That is a pretty good news. It’s great konwing you don’t smoke and drink. Same here, I also have issues with exercising regularly. I prefer sleeping or spending free time in front of my computer.