One Month Later & It’s Physical Therapy Time

I started physical therapy for my neck and shoulder pain caused by the accident tonight. I seriously didn’t think I’d even get as far as needing physical therapy for an accident where I started out sitting at a stop light. But here we are one month to the day after the accident and I would have crawled into that physical therapy office tonight if I had to. Today was a bad pain day. I just couldn’t get comfortable no matter what I did the entire day.

When doctors or others ask me to describe my pain, I mostly say, “It’s just sore. And throbbing. And my head feels like it’s too heavy for my neck.” I usually get the sympathetic nods where the emotion doesn’t continue all the way through to the eyes. I can tell they’re thinking I’m either a whiner, a big baby, or just in this deal for the insurance money. After I’ve been examined, though, every single professional I’ve met with has changed their tune. Tonight was no exception. The therapist was genuinely surprised at how much tension, strain, tightness, and spasms were going on in all of my neck and shoulder muscles. I always feel so validated after an examination. It’s not just all in my head!

Tonight’s visit consisted mostly of the primary evaluation. I had to do some simple exercises and movements while he measured the range of movement and pain levels with each. Once that was done, I got to lie on the table while the therapist felt around the whole neck area to get an idea of the damage. He was most surprised at the damage/tenseness in the muscles in the front on my throat. After the exam, I got to sit in a chair with an ice pack and a TENS unit on my neck. That felt pretty weird.

Now I get to go for therapy 3x a week until I start feeling better, at which time the visits will taper off.

I really, truly enjoyed my visit there tonight. Everything was explained to me in simple terms about the injuries as well as the treatments and the people there were just genuinely nice. They’re also going to work me up to a strength training regimen once the initial recovery period begins; I’m looking forward to that. I’ve got some serious Olive Oyl arms going on – I need to get myself into shape! I might be thin, but I’m so out of shape it’s not even funny. Maybe this whole ordeal will be the beginning of me taking complete care of my body. I’ve got the eating part down – now it’s time to get physical. ::Cue Olivia Newton-John::

4 Responses to “One Month Later & It’s Physical Therapy Time”

  1. Alli says:

    Hope your therapy goes quickly and helps you truly heal. It sounds like you are on the right road.

  2. Laura says:

    I can’t wait to find out how you respond to it! My doc encouraged me to go to PT for my knees, but I just don’t have time. Maybe your stories will change my mind. ;-)

  3. Loretta says:

    It sounds like you got off to a good start. I hope they have you feeling better soon.

  4. Elisabeth says:

    I’m so glad you found a good place for PT. When I had PT for my back it worked wonders. I learned so many ways to strengthen the weak muscles and now I do yoga to keep it up.