I hope to write a proper update tomorrow. Just wanted to stop in here real quick and state for the record that I’m overwhelmed. Rob is out of town for his new job (yay for the job! boo for being out of town for 12 days right off the bat!) and the timing is pretty sucktacular. I had to cancel my chiropractor appointments for the time being and will have to cancel my PT appointment for tomorrow, too. I have another commitment tomorrow night and I don’t want to work all day, come home for 30 minutes to wolf down some dinner then head to two appointments, not arriving home until after 9pm. I’m also going away this weekend and I’m trying not to stress about that. My parents will come pick the boys and Grace up on Friday and I know they’ll be taken care of, but I have to make sure all 4 of us have all the items we’ll need for the weekend some time this week.

Tomorrow is Aric’s birthday. Thankfully we already had his party, but I still want to make his day special some how. I have a sign to put up so he’ll see that in the morning. Still need to do that.

Tonight I got home from work and Aric wanted to go out to eat. I already had plans to get to the grocery store – oh crap! I have chicken to go into the crock pot tonight that I forgot about until now! – so we went to dinner then the grocery store. By the time we got home, it was 7:30. I put the groceries away and then came down to the computer to write my weekly post on the Pure Amazing Race blog. Then I had to write an agenda for a committee I’m chairing at the Assembly I’m attending this weekend. And now I’m taking 2 minutes to write this. Why? It’s close to 10pm and I clearly have no time.

Calgon take me away!

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  1. therapydoc says:

    Bubble bath! Great idea!