The Flu

I got my first flu shot this year. Prior to getting it, I polled everyone I knew. “Should I get the flu shot? My workplace is giving them free to all employees.” With the exception of just a few, the response was overwhelming: get the shot.

Well guess what? The majority rule are a bunch of dummies. Two weeks from the day I got that shot, I came down with the flu. It’s been two weeks since I came down with the flu and I’m still recovering. It’s been a rough month.

An aggravating result of getting the flu was the setback of my physical therapy progress. My neck and shoulders are now back to the level of pain and loss of range in motion I was experiencing 6 weeks ago. It’s pretty frustrating. It’s been 3 months since my accident. I never would have thought I’d still be feeling the effects all this time later. It’s changed my quality of life without a doubt.

Anyway, this week is Thanksgiving, and I need to focus on gratitude. I do have much to be grateful for in my life and so I’ll end this post with a gratitude list – something I haven’t done nearly enough lately.

I’m grateful for:

  • the pain in my neck, shoulders, and back – for it means I’m not paralyzed
  • my physical therapist – he is great at what he does and has an engaging personality. I enjoy my visits.
  • my sponsor – she reads my lengthy emails and listens to meandering phone calls moaning about my life’s problems and responds with love and tenderness
  • the women I sponsor – they remind me on a daily basis what a gift and miracle recovery from addiction is
  • my job – it’s definitely not something anyone can take for granted in these economic times
  • Rob’s job – he went 8 long months without one, so we definitely appreciate him being employed now
  • my immediate family – I love all three of my guys so much. The boys are so funny and different from each other, and Rob is always such a loving supporter.
  • My extended family – between my parents, my siblings, my nieces & nephews, and inlaws, I’ve got a full plate that provides me with a lot of joy most of the time.
  • Facebook and the resulting rekindling of friendships from my youth
  • the Internet, TV, and books – my three main sources of entertainment
  • Music – I’m not much of a musician, but my life has always been surrounded by music in one way or another and without it – I start to wither.

I suppose I could go on for a while, but those are the things that are really present for me today. What are you grateful for?

6 Responses to “The Flu”

  1. Julie says:

    Sorry you have the flu and your physical therapy has been put off :( That sucks. I’m grateful for my immediate family. These 3 guys are really all I will ever need.

  2. Coty says:

    Flu is never a good thing. I heard from somewhere, I don’t remember where, that they put mercury in flu shots (sounds like bunk to me though). I haven’t had the flue in a couple yearsk but I have a feeling the streak will end this year.

  3. Amina says:

    I have also undergone physiotherapy and also have a lot to be grateful for. I have been diagnosed with arthritis in the spine and that can certainly take its toll. But you got to keep going.. right?

  4. Stacy says:

    Hi, I’m just bumming around the blogosphere and came across this post. You have such a positive spirit. Better than some people without any health setbacks. I’m sure your strong attitude will get you feeling better faster. Take care.

  5. Jessie says:

    Wish you a speedy recovery. Your gratitude list is too long.

  6. Loretta says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who gets a flu shot and doesn’t end up with the flu. I don’t really understand it. They always offer Ethan one free at the doctor’s office because of his weak immune system, and I always say no.

    I think flu shots are just plain gimmicky anymore. People get sick, let’s charge them 35 dollars to attempt to avoid the flu even though they’ll get it anyhow :-p

    I’m grateful for so many things this year. I’m most grateful for my little boys and their big open hearts.