Didn’t Want to Let You Go

I’m trying out this 30 Days of Truth thing. Today is day 9. You can see where it started here.

Day 09 — Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

There are a whole lot of people who I could write about here. I definitely drifted away from my hometown friends when Rob joined the Air Force and we moved to South Dakota. It was 1992 and things like the Internet, cell phones, and e-mail were a few years away from being mainstream. It’s amazing how much easier it is to stay in touch with people these days. Just thinking about Facebook alone makes me realize what a world of change we’ve experienced in less than 2 decades.

I left behind 3 or 4 good girlfriends in New Jersey when we moved out west. At first, I tried to stay in touch by writing letters. (Via the USPS – the horrors!) We talked on the phone every so often. I visited when I went back home. But all those gaps in time add up, especially at such a young age when change is constant. I changed. They changed. Our lives changed. The adage, “You can never go home again,” holds a lot of truth. No amount of nostalgia can make things go back to the way they used to be. Either a relationship survives the tests of time & change or it doesn’t. I also am a big believer that some people are not meant to be in our lives forever; they’re only there for a season – and that’s perfectly okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. No shame to be had about it.

Today I try to not live in the past too much. I used to pine away for how things used to be, or get upset that my high school best friend & I don’t click the way we used to. I’ve learned that it’s easier on me if I stay in the present and remain grateful for the friends I have today that I do click with, that get me at my core, that know & love me for who I really am. That wasn’t something I always had with friendships in the past. I wasn’t fully able to open myself up to be that vulnerable. I’m still a work in progress, but I know that I’m the best possible me I can be right now and that the friends I have in my life today are spectacularly perfect for me in this season. Things absolutely are as they should be.

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