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Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

I’ve been hearing about Twitter for some time now, but I’ve mostly chosen to ignore it because I have so much on my plate. Last night, though, I got bitten by the Twitter Bug – and hard. This is fun! I’ve added a bunch of friends and have been following them last night and this morning as well as adding my own inane updates. I’ll all a-twitter! *rim shot* This reminds me of the early days of ICQ, being so thrilled to be in instant contact with friends and family. Instant messaging made me feel like I was sitting next to them as we surfed the web together. And now Twitter brings me closer to the people I care about, giving me the feeling that I’m right next to them as they go through out their day. Lovin’ it!

Are you Twittering yet? Jump on the bandwagon! You can find me at Come join the fun.

Virtual Makeover at Makeover Solutions

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

I just had the most fun over at Makeover Solutions trying to find a new hairstyle. Since I’m getting my hair cut next week, I’ve been on the look out for hairstyles. I was actually supposed to get my hair cut tomorrow night, but my hairdresser, who also happens to be my neighbor, had to reschedule. In exchange for rescheduling, she said she would come over tonight to cut my bangs. As I was typing this post, she came over – and it just so happens that she and her daughter were also using virtual makeover software to test out new looks tonight! All the cool kids are doing this, apparently.

We talked about my hair and she agreed that going slightly darker with some caramel highlights is the way to go. I’m so excited for next Saturday now, when I can get transformed into something like this: – Amy: Before & After!

Amy's Makeover

I’ve used these makeover sites before, you’ve seen the results of such in the past right here on this very blog, I’m sure. However, Makeover Solutions has the best technology of all of the sites I’ve used thus far; the hair actually fit on my head! And not only does the hair fit, but I can also add highlights and lowlights to it.

What I really liked was the site did a makeover not only on my hair, but also on my makeup. There are a lot of options for eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, lipliner, and lip gloss even on the free version. I saw all kinds of makeup brands for the paid version that were awfully tempting, too. I could spend hours on this site, as could most women I know. Fun!

These Boots Are Made for Working

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Over dinner tonight, Rob and I were talking about all the work that will need to be done on my parents’ land if either of us were to move there. I am actually looking forward to it, but I tell you one thing, we’d all need to invest in some good work shoes. The land over there is absolutely beautiful, but it can also be positively brutal if you’re doing much walking in the wooded areas. The sneakers I went down with weren’t really cutting it for anything much more than some mild hiking.

I’ve researched everything else I can think of concerning the move, so it’s only logical that I check out sites for the types of shoes we’ll need. has a great selection of competitively priced work boots on their site. Their free shipping over $100 offer is also attractive to me because I know I’m going to be doing a lot of online ordering once we’re there since we’ll be pretty isolated. You know I’ve become a true farm girl once I add a pair of work boots to my shoe closet. Stay tuned. ;-)

Travel Map

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

I’ve done this before, but I like these things, so here’s another embedded map of my worldly travels. This one is a little different because it showcases the places I’ve visited, the places I’ve lived, and the places I want to visit. The older I get (and the more time that has lapsed since I’ve been there), the more I forget which states in the US I have been to. That kind of scares me. I think the US portion of this map is accurate, but I might be missing a state or two.

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Salt & Pepper

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

My mom asked me today how long I’ve been using the neti pot, which prompted me to go through my archives to research. Can you believe it’s been a month already? That means I’ve been off all medication for a full month! That is just awesome. I’m thrilled with the results now that I’ve found a good routine. I do the neti pot once a day or once every other day, depending on how my sinuses are feeling. If I get that “funny” feeling in my head, I know I need to hit the neti pot ASAP.

In addition to the neti pot, I’ve also been using Sinus Buster nasal spray. The Sinus Buster is basically Capsaicin pepper and it stuff burns like a mo-fo, but it is so worth it. I definitely believe the combination of the Sinus Buster and the neti pot has cured my sinus and allergy problems aka vasomotor rhinitis, as diagnosed by my doctor.

Who knew that squirting liquid salt and pepper up my nose every day was all I needed to feel better and get off of the prescription medications with their horrible side-effects? That kind of cracks me up, actually – apparently my nasal cavity doesn’t like it bland up in there.

So, yay for homeopathic remedies!