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Remember Me?

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

I used to blog regularly, even prolifically and now I’m sporadic at best. Getting a new position at work has really taken a toll on my blogging! Hopefully you all still love me. And with feed readers, it’s not so annoying when people don’t update since you only read when there is an update. The rest of the time you (mostly) forget about me. Right?

So I’m still doing the vegetarian/vegan thing. I had eggs last week, but this week I’ve decided to take them out, which makes me a full-fledged vegan. I have a lot of people ask me what exactly do I eat since there are so many things I don’t have on my food plan. I’m thinking of compiling a food plan/cookbook for the vegetarian/vegan/sugar-free/flour-free/wheat-free lifestyle into a PDF document and selling it for a few bucks on my blogs. What do you think?

Today I had a pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound. Good times. My bladder was so full, the ultrasound technician thanked me. Aren’t I a good girl? I remember when I was pregnant, I used to get berated for not drinking enough when I went in for the ultrasounds. I’m surprised I didn’t explode all over the bed, though – that was so uncomfortable. And of course all I could think of was dirty stuff like the 2girls1cup video. I thought to myself that I could do a 1girl2cups video there in the ultrasound bathroom, I had to pee so much when I was finally allowed. I wonder how many people lose it before getting to the toilet? I bet it’s a pretty significant number. That statistic needs to be on a game show like Card Sharks (remember that show?!). I think that would have been a great question: What percentage of women don’t make it to the toilet after an ultrasound is over and end up peeing all over themselves as they race to the bathroom in their hospital gown with the back open? I’m going to go with 43%, Bill.

The whole reason I went in was to see if there’s something that’s causing me to have the break through bleeding every month. The tech said she didn’t see anything obvious, but would send the results to my doctor and he’ll call me. Ironically, the transvaginal ultrasound wand thingie has triggered some bleeding – I hope it’s not too intense. I’m so tired of bleeding all the damn time. Rob said between me bleeding, and the PMS, he gets 5 good days out of me a month. HA! That’s an exaggeration. I think.

We totally transformed our living room this past week. Here are a few pictures. Tell me what you think in the comments!

The bay window area By the back door Bay window

Hope you had a swell Monday. Mine was pretty okay, all things considered.

I’m Getting Sick

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Wah. I am the worst sick person – I turn into such a whiny baby and I’m just generally miserable and I act 3 years old. I can feel a head cold or something coming on. I’ve got the post-nasal drip, headache and body aches and just general malaise. I get so indignant, too, reasoning that I eat so healthy and take care of myself so I should never succumb to any type of sickness. I should be immune, damn it.

Tomorrow morning we’re having a new couch delivered. I think I may just stay home sick to be here for the delivery and then just take it easy for the day. Wait until you see this couch – it’s so gorgeous! Chocolate brown sectional with microfiber on top and leather on bottom, four recliners, two storage areas and two cup holders = never getting off the couch again.

And tonight, a miracle was performed in our house. You see, the old sectional needed to go downstairs, but it is a very large, unwieldy piece – even though it’s in three sections. Rob and Aric swore they wouldn’t be able to get it downstairs because the staircase is narrow. I knew it would be a pain in the ass, but also had faith that they’d find a way to make it work. I kept saying, “Positive thinking!” And they kept thinking, “Shut the hell up before we fit this couch where the sun don’t shine.” That’s okay, though. You know why? You already know, don’t you? Of course you know that our old sectional is the proud centerpiece of our basement rec area now. It wasn’t easy, and there is spackling to be done – but hey, the couch is down there and we’re all ready for our new piece to take its rightful place in my family room.

This weekend we also have to finish painting the basement. It’s going to be all bright and shiny down there! Time to throw a party. Want to come?

Now maybe I can use my positive thinking powers to will this cold out of my system.

Love is Patient… Love is Kind

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007


There’s one of my little signs on one of my new shelves that I told you about yesterday. And here’s all the shelves farther away.


What did I tell you? Adorable, no?

You can see all of the pictures on my Flickr if you so desire.

Life Goes On

Monday, October 29th, 2007

I’m here, I’m fine, just really super busy and lacking any desire to blog. I like blogging when I have a good bit of free time and that has been a rare thing lately. Not that anyone was worried, but just in case you were , you know, about to get worried, I figured I’d tell ya what’s going on for me.

It’s finally cold here – it went down to 30-some degrees this morning. And guess what? Our heat is not working! Not good. Thankfully it’s not too cold yet, and we’ll get someone in to get this fixed tomorrow hopefully. For tonight, I’ll be piling on the blankets.

Rob and I put up these shelves in our family room yesterday, in addition to thoroughly cleaning the room. It was the first time we both got down on our hands and knees and scrubbed and dusted everything in the room. Usually we piece meal our cleaning: the baseboards and heaters will get scrubbed and the rest of the room gets a once over so we can pick up the rest of the house, too. So we decided to really focus on one room and will do the rest of the house in suit. By the time we get done, the family room should need it again. We’ll see how our new plan works for us. It’s been a struggle lately to keep the house as clean as we’re used to because of how busy we’ve become.

Oh – and about the shelves – I got the cutest little affirmation signs and sheep figurines to put on them. I’ll take a picture in the morning to show you. It’s totally adorable! I love filling my house with uplifting artwork all around. I’ve got a lot of stuff that talks about love, faith, hope, kindness, etc. sprinkled through out my house. It’s a good reminder of the person I want to be and the life I want to live. I also want the kids to be surrounded by positive affirmations as they grow.

That about sums up what’s happening here. Now tell me how you are.

Dizzy Again

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

I woke up dizzy again this morning. I haven’t had this problem for months, so I was surprised when it happened. I immediately ran to the medicine cabinet for some Antivert until I remembered Grace ate all of them. I settled on a Zyrtec instead. After I ate breakfast, I made sure to do the Neti pot and Sinus Buster regimen – that’s something I didn’t do yesterday.

Earlier this week our air conditioning stopped working and we had to put in a call for service. It turns out that our unit is just old and we can’t run it at 70 degrees 24 hours a day – which is fine by me! I’m always freezing while everyone else in the house is comfortable. What happened when we ran it for so long at the temperature is the unit froze. Or so we thought since we saw some icing on the pipes. After turning the system back on for a few hours, the temperature in the house wasn’t really getting any cooler, so Rob decided to take a better look at the unit in the attic. (We’ve got a unit outside and one in the attic.) Turns out there was a side panel that wasn’t on completely and the entire attic was being cooled, but not the rest of the house. After Rob replaced that panel, the house started cooling down immediately.

Now I’m wondering if there is something in the vents that is causing Aric and I a lot of sinus and allergy related misery. He is a mess this morning, snotting and snorting all over the place. His face has “that look” when his allergies have flared up and I wouldn’t take no for an answer when I told him to take a Zyrtec, too. He is usually pretty reluctant to take medicine, preferring to “tough it out” instead. He also used the Sinus Buster spray, but I wish he would use the Neti pot to cleanse his sinuses of the debris that is obviously circulating through our house right now.

Since I haven’t taken Zyrtec in a few months, my body isn’t used to its effects. It’s been about an hour since I swallowed that little white pill and already I’m getting very, very sleepy. I hate this.